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Kenwood TS-850S TX/RX Setup:

To get the most out of the Kenwood TS-850S, there are a few parameters that should be set up. The following setup procedure is ONLY valid if you are using the optional Kenwood DSP-100 digital signal processor or if using high fidelity AM.

WARNING: If you are not using the DSP-100, the following settings will produce a "Double-Side-Band" signal with some unwanted carrier.

Kenwood TS-850 I.F. TX Bandwidth Power-On Menu Settings:
1 With the 850 turned off, press and hold the "SCAN" and the right "M.Ch" buttons simultaneously while turning on the radio.
2 Select menu 1 by rotating the "M.CH/VFO.CH" knob.
3 Turn the option to "ON" by pressing the "UP" button.
4 Press the "CLR" button to exit the power-on menu.
5 On SSB transmit, you can now select the following filters in the 8.83 MHz i.f. resulting in the following on-air bandwidths (with the DSP-100):

= 6 kHz TX bandwidth (with DSP-100)
= 4.5 kHz TX bandwidth
= 2.4 kHz TX bandwidth

This concludes the 850 setup procedures.
See the DSP-100 page for details on setting up the DSP-100 for transmit and receive.
Also, see the AM Mods page for details on AM Mods and RX/TX setup for AM.

Kenwood TS-850S

Kenwood TS-850S

850 Misc Settings:
Notch = OFF


RX i.f. 8.83 MHz Filter =OFF

RX 455 i.f. kHz filter =12 kHz

NB1 and NB2 =OFF

Slow AGC Recommended

RF Gain at S9 on meter

Monitor = ON

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